Goodbye Vicky Holmes

I just got the news that Vicky Holmes, one of the original Erin Hunters, is leaving the Warrior Cats team. She’s been in charge of the ebooks for a while, and after writing Pinestar’s Choice, she decided she had run out of cat stories in her head. No matter what people say, she always wrote about the clans for self-betterment. She wasn’t in it for the money. She wrote because her fans loved it, and she loved it above all else. My friends, who also love Warriors, have a few words of goodbye for her.

“You have written amazing stories that inspired me to read when no other books did the trick.”

“Thank you for writing stories that have inspired my daughter to be a writer.”

“She gave Warriors fans a better idea of what happened outside of the books and she made me cry in Ravenpaw’s Farewell. She will be missed.”

And here are my words, straight to Vicky herself.

Your books have been a core of inspiration throughout my writing career. They made me create clans with my friends. They made me host a fight club in the recess yard of my elementary school where I taught 3rd graders how to fight. The battle between Bloodclan and Lionclan is a battle I often use as source material for my own content. Your world building skills help shape my own. I can’t thank you enough for all the great stories you have written. Warriors is a series that keeps me inspired to be a writer, from it’s descriptions to battles to your very own love for your own content. That’s something we don’t see a lot of in today’s world. Thank you for writing about the five clans. I wish you good luck on your future books and the greatest life I can wish for you.