Goodbye Vicky Holmes

I just got the news that Vicky Holmes, one of the original Erin Hunters, is leaving the Warrior Cats team. She’s been in charge of the ebooks for a while, and after writing Pinestar’s Choice, she decided she had run out of cat stories in her head. No matter what people say, she always wrote about the clans for self-betterment. She wasn’t in it for the money. She wrote because her fans loved it, and she loved it above all else. My friends, who also love Warriors, have a few words of goodbye for her.

“You have written amazing stories that inspired me to read when no other books did the trick.”

“Thank you for writing stories that have inspired my daughter to be a writer.”

“She gave Warriors fans a better idea of what happened outside of the books and she made me cry in Ravenpaw’s Farewell. She will be missed.”

And here are my words, straight to Vicky herself.

Your books have been a core of inspiration throughout my writing career. They made me create clans with my friends. They made me host a fight club in the recess yard of my elementary school where I taught 3rd graders how to fight. The battle between Bloodclan and Lionclan is a battle I often use as source material for my own content. Your world building skills help shape my own. I can’t thank you enough for all the great stories you have written. Warriors is a series that keeps me inspired to be a writer, from it’s descriptions to battles to your very own love for your own content. That’s something we don’t see a lot of in today’s world. Thank you for writing about the five clans. I wish you good luck on your future books and the greatest life I can wish for you.

Warrior Cats- Shattered Sky Review

Oh. My. Starclan. This was AMAZING! I finally got this book in the mail on the 20th, and I read it all in one day! What a ride! The Hunters have been topping themselves with each new book released for A Vision of Shadows. The Apprentice’s Quest was fine, Thunder and Shadow was great, and Shattered Sky was amazing. I can’t wait for Darkest Night to be released.


Meet the cast! Art by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn

The Conflict

All the clans are shaken after the disastrous attempt to take back Shadowclan. Windclan ran away and closed their borders. Riverclan is heavily injured. Thunderclan is in chaos trying to keep a cool head above the storm. Alderheart knows what the prophecy means, how they must find Skyclan, but Darktail’s threat is so overwhelming, it’s preventing them from finding the solution to their problem. It doesn’t help that Riverclan is taken over as well later on. The chaos and disorder that affects the clans is a perfect storm of conflict that makes you wonder if the clans will actually win this time, what they will have to sacrifice to achieve this. Of course, if you’ve read the books for a while, you can assume that somehow the clans will survive. But not knowing how is the best part.


Darktail and his ‘Kin’. Left to right- Rain, Darktail, Raven. Art by AliKitKat

The Kin

The Kin are the cats who follow Darktail, including rogues, Shadowclan cats, and even a few kittypets. Many cats originally joined because they thought Darktail would lead them to a life of glory and adventure. What they got was far worse. What makes the Kin so realistic is how it’s run. Darktail’s closest Kin, including Raven, Sleekwhisker, and even Violetpaw, are given all the prey they want. They can do as they please to be happy with their Kin. Others follow not because they want to, but because they’re too afraid to do anything else. Some sneak out of camp to the Thunderclan safe haven, but some are caught. Cats like Dawnpelt are taken to the lake and drowned, never to be seen again. That fear of death forces the Kin into submission as Darktail lives in comfort.


Purdy. Art by Fairyleaf


I’m giving Purdy a section here, because he died and I MISS HIM SO MUCH! His personality and stories warmed my heart. I fell in love with the old cat. I’m going to miss him. OH PURDY YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO LIVE FOREVER WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE NOW?! (blows nose)

(oh no he's hot)

Our little dorky medicine cat. Art by Fallblossom


Alderheart is trying to help his clan survive against Darktail while trying to find Skyclan at the same time. He cares deeply for Twigpaw and Violetpaw, only wanting what’s best for them. He’s basically like their adopted father, in a way. Compared to Firestar or Bramblestar, Alderheart is a nervous wreck. He jumps ahead on plans to help everyone, even though doing them at that moment causes multiple problems, such as he and Mothwing getting herbs from Riverclan and getting Needletail in trouble. He’s protective and kind and anxious, a well crafted character.

Fight the power! Down with the government!

A Shadowclan rebel. Art by TennelleFlowers.


Needletail’s character has bounced around over the past three books. She was a rebellious apprentice who wanted to restore Shadowclan to it’s former glory. She wasn’t given the right foundation by her clanmates, which caused her to turn to Darktail for the support she needed. LZRD WZRD explains it well in his video on Needletail’s Radical Teenage Angst (man, I can’t go one warriors post without mentioning this guy, can I?). She fell in love with Rain because he could make her smile, make her feel as though she belonged. When Darktail killed Rain, he began Needletail’s path back to the ways of Starclan, realizing that what her elders taught her was morally right, and that what Darktail wants is evil.

She’s given a very powerful scene towards the middle-end of the book, where Violetpaw fails at drugging Darktail with poppy seeds to free the Riverclan prisoners. He takes Needletail to the lake and starts to drown her. When Violetpaw confesses, Needletail swims out of the lake and is told to kill Violetpaw. This scene is incredibly powerful, because of how much Needletail’s relationship to Violetpaw has been built up. They’re like sisters, like true kin. For a moment, it looks like Needletail will actually kill Violetpaw, but turns around and helps her escape, sacrificing her life. It finishes her arc with a dramatic ending worthy of this series.

'Don't cover yourself in thistle and weeds'

Sisters. Art by prophecywings

Violetpaw and Twigpaw

The two sisters have been through a lot. They were separated into Shadowclan and Thunderclan (for a reason that was kinda lazy, and definitely terrible for them) and both spent quite a bit of Thunder and Shadow wanting each other. Violetpaw’s trying to stay alive in the Kin, witnessing Rain trying to kill Darktail and Rain’s subsequent death. She stayed by Needletail’s side, refusing to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Twigpaw wants to go find Skyclan and her father, making everyone believe she’s dead. Yeah, Violetpaw definitely takes priority right now, Twigpaw. Sorry. I’m not saying her story is worthless, it’s the best way to bring back Skyclan. But did she have to ‘die?’ She didn’t really die, but they wrote it off in a really lazy way. Violetpaw’s story is much more interesting.

Something's wrong...

Darktail and Violetpaw. Art by ClimbToTheStars

Violetpaw is trying to survive with the Kin under Darktail’s terrifying leadership. She realizes her mistake about her and Needletail staying there and tries to keep on Darktail’s good side while still trying to help the other clans defeat him. She and Darktail have a very creepy relationship. Darktail acts very kind and wise around Violetpaw, even though he knows she knows that he’s really not. He lets her have the best prey and tells her they have a connection as unwanted kits. It’s REALLY creepy. Like, SpottedxThistle  creepy. She uses her connection to him to help a few cats sneak out of camp to Thunderclan, and tries her best to help the prisoners escape by drugging Darktail. That fails, Needletail dies, and Violetpaw runs to Thunderclan. I really love both of their characters, with their stories and personalities. Twigpaw is a bit of a mary sue, but Violetpaw is a full package of awesome.

I'd rather drown

Father and Son, die together. Art by WarriorCat3042

Onestar and Darktail

Oh my, was this a plot twist. Onestar is Darktail’s father. This ties together their arcs and characters so well!

As Onewhisker, the Windclan leader was quite the diplomat. When he became leader, however, he cut himself off from others and protected his clan and his clan only. He turned into a massive jerk, one everyone in and out of the world of the clans hated. Revealing his backstory ties how he acts together so well. He had kits with a kittypet because he kept bragging about how he was such a brave warrior. When the kittypet had a kit, who would become Darktail, he didn’t want to get in trouble and sent them away. This interaction turned him from diplomat to xenophobe because he knows what happens when you interact outside of your clan. Granted, he’s still a jerk for other reasons, but this changes what everyone thinks of the Windclan leader.

Darktail’s mother, Smoke, taught him to hate the clans and hate his father. He carried a warrior name so he could show them their defeat in cruel irony. He used his charm to gain followers and destroy the clans. He scared his father into hiding, taking his last two lives. Their final battle in the lake takes them both down to their graves, tying up everything they’ve done in a neat, soaking wet bow. It’s time for Harestar!

Love this guy

Skyclan deputy. The clan back from the dead.

Hawkwing and Skyclan

Skyclan is finally back where they belong! Twigpaw has brought them back to the lake and to the four clans, turning them back to five! (Great, my fanfiction is all out of wack now). Not only that, she’s met her father, Hawkwing, deputy of Skyclan. Skyclan has been a loose end for far to long, and it’s nice to see them finally come into the main series. Hawkwing is a gem. He’s a very kind and loving cat, and immediately loves his daughters. However, he wants them to leave their clans and join him in Skyclan. That’s definitely going to bring some drama. I’ll need to read Hawkwing’s Journey soon and learn more about him!

I'm willing to wait for it!

Kin United. Art by CYTROPLEx


Family is a huge theme in Shattered Sky. Twigpaw spends a lot of the book trying to find her family. Darktail’s group call themselves ‘Kin’. Violetpaw loves Needletail like a sister. Hawkwing wants to be with his kits. It’s something that echoes through every word. The book wants us to know we must protect our family and love them, that family will do anything or each other, that family isn’t always related through blood. It’s been a theme throughout many warriors books, since a Clan is basically one big family. It’s a well written and powerful theme of Warriors.


Kin, Attack!


Oh, the fight scenes. How I love you! The book had plently of action, from the first battle to Rain’s death, to Riverclan VS the Kin, to Onestar and Darktail’s end in the lake. There was even LIGHTNING during that last one! Every fight scene kept you zooming around, following the blows and the pace. Each one was unique with different terrain and backstory and emotions. The final battle felt like every clan was coming together doing what they were born to do, harnessing the original emotions of the first series. Perfect action, perfect pacing.

This book is one of my favorites, one I’ll definitely re-read. I’ll never regret buying this book.


Convention of Warrior Cats- The Laws, Flaws, and Claus(es) 

I was scanning around LZRD WZRD, one of my favorite Youtubers, watching his video on Shadowclan, when I saw there was a new video on his channel. This video was about amendments to the warrior code. YES!! I hurried through his video, where he proposed The Convention Of Cats, where warriors fans make changes to the code and help to improve it, while still keeping to the warriors spirit. You can watch the amendment he came up with, but I’m going to discuss different amendment ideas I’ve seen and how the Hunters have written such an intriguing list of laws, along with how you can make sure a great constitution of rules as well.

My own idea stems from the 14th code of the warrior code- An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

This law has two major flaws. It allows warriors to kill innocent loners and kittypets who stumble into the territory. This is what caused poor Tiny to become Scourge, form Bloodclan, and become a cat who this rule was made for. It didn’t have to happen. Warriors should defend territory, but they should also know when to tell a cat to leave and not attack.

This did not have to happen

It also accounts for another horrible act- clan murder. All a cat has to do is kill another cat alone and they can claim it was in self defense. No investigation needed. So the rule I suggested was:

To preserve the morals of individual clan cats, honorable warriors should not kill to win battles. If a cat kills another, the killer must justify their action to the clan, with an investigation to follow.
Good, right? Here are a few other examples of amendments the code could take.

  • flakeywhiskers- If a medicine cat has fully apprenticed another cat, they are allowed to have mates
  • Iggy Jaystar- Kits should be allowed to leave camp as long as their mother or father accompanies them in order to prevent wild and dangerous exploration. If one or both parents are dead, a responsible warrior can escort the kit.
  • Cutecatlover11502RBX- If a cat outside the clans wants to join a clan, a panel of senior warriors, including the medicine cat, the deputy, and the leader will make the cat take a series of tests, then decide if they are able to join. Final desicion comes to a clan vote. This is so that the leader cannot let anyone join the clan.
  • dewshi- If a cat outside the clans wants to join, they are given two moons as a try out time to see if they can provide for the clan. If they cannot, they must leave. If they can, they are accepted as a full member of the clan.
  • Flower1815- No cat should be denied the chance to be a warrior, even with injuries and disabilities.

These are my favorite examples at the moment, and all present an interesting argument!

Since this blog isn’t totally devoted to fandoms and cats, I have to talk about writing somewhere. So today that would be the laws of fictional worlds. The Hunters created a fascinating set of laws that drive the heart of every warrior cats story. These laws have been broken time and time again, causing unique conflicts related to law and religion. When you write a list of laws, you need to nail down the big basics. These are rules against things such as

  • Murder
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Kidnapping

And other major crimes. These laws present themselves as territory rules, leadership rules, and the all important 14th code. You can also add in what I call ‘Extensions’, things that are okay in some societies but not in yours!

  • Marital laws. In Warriors, medicine cats cannot have mates or kits. Maybe there’s a group of people in your book who this could apply to!
  • Authority laws. Who is placed in power? What laws keep people in check in their spot? In the warrior code, this includes who gets food first, leadership ascension, and leadership dominace.
  • Outsider laws. How do you deal with those not from the world these rules apply to? Are you friendly or hostile?
  • Military Laws. What laws are in place for the military and veterans? How do countries fight? What can you do on the battle field?

These are only a few types of laws. Add as many as you want, but make sure to have a reason and history behind them!

As for the warrior code, it is the most well written set of laws I’ve seen in fiction, filled with good and bad parts to use in the story. If you have any amendments to the warrior code you want to make, comment below or tell LZRD WZRD about them on YouTube. Talk to you soon.