Boggarts- Character Fears

Spring break has come to my small town, and that means no social interaction and staying locked up in my home, anxiety free. That also means…


I’ve gotten to Prisoner of Azkaban and watched one it my favorite scenes- the DADA boggart lesson. As a spider skidded around in roller skates, I thought of the nature of the boggart, and how it sees your deepest, darkest fear. This is something you could never guess about another person, but something every author knows about their characters.

Grab a piece of paper. No, don’t use a journal, you’ll never remember which one you put it in. Grab a piece of large blank paper. At the top, write down ‘Character Fears’ To start, write what your fear is. It helps to realize the different ideas you can put down. Here are a few fears from my own characters, and personal notes.

  • Doepaw- Bonepelt, the warrior who killed her mentor, Sparrowfire (I write warrior cat fanfiction, sue me).
  • Ghoi- Everyone he loves dead. (Don’t be afraid for deep meaningful fears)
  • Hailpaw- Freezing in the snow
  • Yuv- Falling. (You can also have average fears. Not everything is intense).

    Make your own list of as many characters as you can. It really helps improve characterization skills. Be as scary as a boggart to your characters so you can equip them with your own version of one of the most popular spells in Harry’s world. Riddikulus!


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