Warrior Cats the Movie: Facts, Hopes, and Worries

Before I begin, I apologize for the late post. I was incredibly busy the past week with local musical rehearsals every night after work and working in my own book. On the plus side, I wrote a chapter in three days! *confetti* Anyway, let’s jump into the world of Warriors.

The popular fantasy series Warriors by Erin Hunter (a.k.a, a bunch of wonderful crazy cat ladies) has made a permanent spot in my heart, nestled next to Christian Values and Harry Potter. I’ve grown up with this series, following the adventures of my favorite cats of the clans, and I absolutely adore it. While yes, I am sad to admit I have so far completely skipped Omen of the Stars and Dawn of the Clans (don’t judge me, I didn’t wanna read about Squirrelflight and Leafpool being hated, they’re my favorite characters) I will eventually read them and frequently re-read The Darkest Hour. The world and characters are well developed, the descriptions are very lively, and the action is enchanting.

I took a break from Warriors for a majority of last year, watching animations of my favorite warriors on YouTube, until some of my closest friends got into the series. They too have created their own characters and adore the world to pieces. They caused me to start reading A Vision of Shadows and pulled me back into the world. 

Recently, one of the Erin Hunters, Kate Cary, announced that Alibaba Pictures would be producing a Warriors film at some future date. The company has given it’s talents to help in films such as ‘Star Trek Beyond’ ‘TMNT: Out of the Shadows’ and ‘Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation’. From their current styles, the film seems like it could be animated in the style of the latest ‘Jungle Book’ with CGI. No matter what, when it comes to art and visuals, the film seems to be in good hands. 

The news has sent every fan of the series insane, but also has raised some concerns. Before this announcement, YouTube animator and Warriors fan TennelleFlowers released a discussion video on ‘Why You Shouldn’t Want a Warriors Movie’ on her concerns about the possibility of Warriors becoming a professional film. Please go watch her video and subscribe to her channel, she is a very talented animator, artist, and analyzer. After the news of the potential movie dropped, she released another video on her thoughts. I’ll be taking a few of her plot points, but mostly adding my own thoughts.

While the possiblity of Warriors becoming a film is much closer, it could still never happen. Alibaba Pictures may never go anywhere with this idea. Until more news arrives, I will for now, assume that this company makes the movie.

Warriors, no matter what some may say, is not a children’s story. With cats killing other cats, mulitalions, psychological damage and other intense content, it is an intense series, even with the happy parts. The first two books alone contain around 7-11 different deaths. That is not even counting all the kits Brokenstar may have slaughtered during his rule of Shadowclan. THE DEAD SOULS OF ALL THE VILLIANS LITERALLY CRAWL OUT OF CAT HELL TO KILL THE CLANS AND EVERYONE WE LOVE. 

Like Tennelle said, this makes it almost impossible to find a market for this film. It would have to be animated, but animated films almost always have to be for children if they want to succeed. In order to get as many people to watch it as possible, many parts would have to be cut, the story edited to Percy Jackson levels.

My Warriors obsessed friends have set their sights extremely high for this film. They are already hyped even though the film would not appear for another four years or so. This shows how much children and adults alike love this series and the characters. I would be heart broken to see Firestar or Bluestar’s characters mutilated to points of ruining majority views on this book series.

On the more positive spectrum, popular Warriors analyzer LZRD WZRD also released a video about the movie, entitled ‘Warriors Movie Announced!- Why You Should be Excited’. Again, please check him out, he’s incredibly intelligent. Through the horror that was the 2016 Presidental Election, he was given glorious news about the possible movie. After poking fun at his friend Tennelle, like so many fans have been doing for the past few months, he laid out his hopes for the future movie.

The concern involving time for the movie can be thrown off a cliff with LZRD WARD’s math. Taking the popular SSS Warrior Cats, he was able to make 1 hour and 40 minutes be a possible time frame for an entire, barely deviated Into the Wild movie. He also went over more points, but I’ll let you watch his video.

One of my biggest concerns after seeing the thoughts of two respected fans of the series is the greed and laziness known to many movie studios. They’d rather make a quick buck than an actually good movie. Alibaba Pictures is a relatively unknown movie company in the U.S.A. This makes the quality of the Warriors film completely in the shadows. But of course, like the book says, embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can finally make our childhood come to life on the big screen. I have absolutely no idea of the quality of writing that the film may or will have, but we’ve handed the puppet strings to them. We can only watch and wait, and pray that Fireheart and Spottedleaf get an actually developed relationship.

So, if and/or when Warriors the Movie hits the big screens, I will be there with ink and quill, ready to see what muliations or improvements the beloved characters have suffered. 


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