Elf: The Christmas Comedy

In my town, the local middle schools are uniting to create Elf The Musical. With this event coming up, I decided to buy the Elf movie and finally watch the entire thing.

The serious Will Ferrell is transformed into a air headed human raised by elves ever since he snuck into Santa’s bag one Christmas Eve. The beginning of this movie can be extremely painful to watch. In those first minutes, the comedy is crude and Buddy’s go happy behavior takes getting used to. Once the movie gets to the point of Buddy tackling the fake Santa, the comedy begins to pick up and earn it’s high quality status which helps it become a Broadway musical.

Buddy the elf was raised by elves for the thirty years of his life until he finally learns he is human. So he sets out to New York City to find his father, Walter Hobbs. Over the course of the movie, Buddy strains his relationship with his father and meets his adoptive mother Emily and brother Michael, along with the beautiful Jovie. By the end, the group has to get Santa’s sleigh flying and ignites the Christmas Spirit all across New York.

The beginning of the movie dragged me along by my feet, banging my head against plot points that didn’t make much sense. For one thing, how did the baby Buddy escape his crib? He isn’t even a year old. He doesn’t have muscles to push the barrier down. Another plot point that snagged me was how in the world did this man not learn he was human? He didn’t fulfil any of the physical qualities of an elf. You could say that since thirty years old is still a child to elves, Buddy has a child’s mindset. Yet he went through human puberty. This stuff should have affected him!

Beyond those facts, the comedy begins to run beside me as Buddy makes his way to New York and gets involved in some hilarious hijinks. Some jokes were still low quality, for example, Buddy eating candy with spaghetti like a rabid animal. Yet there was actually some very well placed jokes, like starting a dance party in the mail room.

The ending was quite action packed, with gungho Central Park Rangers chasing after Santa’s sleigh. Buddy’s warmth and affection has changed all of New York City for the better.

Even though the happy go lucky Buddy was played by the known serious Will Ferell, he still managed to capture the ideals of Buddy, and the Christmas Spirit with a smile even the Joker would enjoy.

However, the Joker is for another time


One comment

  1. hisunfoldinggrace · December 4

    I’m not a Will Ferrell fan, but I do like this movie! Nice review!


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